Growth perspectives in 2017

Area2016 vs. 2017 perspectiveKey drivers
Mining Neutral (+/-) Coal price stabilisation
(+) Construction of new roadways 
(+) Assets modernisation
(+) Constant enhancement of efficiency
Conventional power engineering Drop (-) Lower price of energy
(-) Lower limit of free CO
(-) Higher price of coal 
(-) Lower generation of electricity 
(+) Internal processes optimization
Renewable energy sources Drop (-) Durable low level of "green" Proprietary Interests
(+) Growth in price and volume of “blue” RES Proprietary Interests 
(+) Greater generation of electricity 
(+) Cost optimisation of the RES area
Distribution Drop (-) Drop of WACC by 0.042 p.p. to 5.633%
(-) Model operating expenses compliant with "Operating expenses for Operators of Distribution Systems for 2016-2020" published by ERO
(+) Asset management optimisation and outsourced services rationalisation 
(+) Works over the improvement of service quality (SAIDI and SAIFI indices reduction)
Trade Neutral (-) Greater competition in the area of trade
(+) Development of sale channels and product range 
(-) Growing erosion of margin on the segment of trade