Activities realised in 2016

Area of Retail Sales

  • Launching the Customer Loyalty Programme (Purchase Zone)
  • Introduction of new products into the product range for households, e.g. ENERGY+ Photovoltaics and ENERGY+ Proffesional
  • Widening of the gas product range and implementation of new products for business Customers: ENERGY+ Index and ENERGY+ Professional
  • Conduct of advertising campaigns and periodic promotional actions targeted at household and C segments communicating the offer
  • Customer service quality and satisfaction survey

Area of Customer Service

  • Completion of a migration process of Customer data to the central billing system - CCSS-T, CCSS-D
  • Launching an Electronic Customer Service Centre for all Customers
  • Termination of the proceeding for the selection of a mass printout provider (reducing print costs)
  • Opening a modernised monumental office building with a Customer Service Centre in the centre of Szczecin
  • Modernisation of customer service centres according to Enea CG’s Brand Identity Book in Inowrocław, Nowa Sól, Piła, Stargard, Szmotuły and Zielona Góra
  • Launching new services for all Enea CG Companies on Enea Group's on-line service
  • The execution of the purchase process of the multi-channel contact centre platform, which will allow for accessing new contact channels by Customers

Area of Wholesale Trade

  • Development and implementation of the methodology and a tool for construing futures curves for natural gas on the Polish market
  • Development of the methodology of assessing and estimating the risk of electricity price increases and decreases during the offer-making period and securing the offer on the wholesale market assigning the estimated likelihood of price changes
  • Development and implementation of a model of long-term price paths for products listed on wholesale markets
  • Completion of the process of hedging electricity market, proprietary interests and CO2 emission allowances for the needs of wholesale portfolios of Enea companies with the concurrent achievement of a positive (in relation to the market benchmark) financial result
  • Adaptation of biomass supply agreements to the amended RES act
  • Contractation of fuel supplies for the planned electricity generation in 2017 taking into account the open position resulting from the demand for unit No. 11