Investments planned in 2017 within the currently held assets


Development investments Obtaining new licences:  
•obtaining the mining license for Ostrów deposit 
Maintaining the machine park:
•purchase and assembly of new machines and equipment
•modernisation and renovations of machinery and equipment
Operating investments New excavations and modernisation of the existing ones:  
•performance of excavations, mainly wall roadways, face lines and other technological and access excavations, enabling exploitation of walls in 385/2, 389 and 391 deposits
• reconstruction of mining excavations
Other investments Other development and replacement investments:     
•extension of the plant for mining waste neutralisation in Bogdanka
•modernisation of Zakład Przeróbki Mechanicznej Węgla (Coal Mechanical Processing Plant) objects
•continuation of works related to the "Production management integrated system" and "Smart solutions mine" project
•continuation of the power grids expansion
•modernisation of office facilities, acquisition of means of transport


Segment of System Power Plants - New •Modernisation of units No. 3 and 8 and 10
Segment of System Power Plants - Continued •Construction of power unit No. 11 (completion in 2017)   
•Installation of flue gases denitrification - SCR for units No. 4-8 (completion in 2017)
•Installation of flue gases denitrification - SCR for units No. 9-10 (completion in 2018)
•Modernisation of cooling water intake - temporary stabilising checkdam on the Vistula River
Segment of Heat •Construction of flue gas desulphurisation plant on K7 and K8 boilers (completion in 2017)
Segment of RES •Searching for bargain investment and acquisition projects


New •Construction of GPZ Choszczno II and GPZ Recz   
•Construction of GPZ Garbary and construction of 110 kV Garbary-Cytadela, Garbary-EC Karolin lines
•Construction of Garaszewo grid switching station and construction of 110 kV Kromolice - Nagradowice, Kromolice - Gądki, Kromolice - Swarzędz lines
•Construction of 110 kV Piła Krzewina - Miasteczko Krajeńskie line and reconstruction of GPZ Miasteczko Krajeńskie
•Reconstruction of GPZ Wronki 
•Reconstruction of GPZ Piła Południe 
 Reconstruction of GPZ Żary
Continued Implementation of smart grid solution development programme (AMI)
•Implementation of a programme enhancing network reliability 
•Implementation of the Network Information System project
•Realisation of the project of implementation of the system of digital operator communications in TETRA standard 
•Reconstruction of GPZ Kostrzyn
•Reconstruction of GPZ Jachcice