Activities to be realised in 2017

Area of Retail Sales

  • Development of the Customer Loyalty Programme (Purchase Zone)
  • Implementation of the analytic system aiding the sale-purchase portfolio management and projection
  • Introduction of new products for households and business Customers
  • Communicating new products
  • Customer service quality and satisfaction monitoring
  • Promoting new service and communication tools
  • Implementation of periodic marketing campaigns in order to obtain contacts and promote new products

Area of Customer Service

  • Optimisation of CSC, visualisation of selected CSCs
  • Higher quality and scope of services by remote contact channels as a result of increasing the catalogue of Customer matters realised by first contact
  • Implementation of a new multi-channel contact centre platform the launching of which will provide Customers with new contact channels
  • Development of new concepts of Customer service operation and settlement support areas and preparation of the implementation plan

Area of Wholesale Trade

  • Adjustment to the changes resulting from increasing generation assets on Enea Group as regards the improvement of tools and methods of portfolio management and hedging positions within the whole added value chain
  • Improvement of analytical models and tools supporting hedging and proprietary trading on domestic and foreign markets
  • Development of the fundamental model of long-term price paths for bituminous coal
  • Development of tools supporting distributed generation in relation to the changes in the renewable energy sources support mechanisms which enter into force after 1 January 2018
  • Contractation of generation fuel supply for planned energy generation for 2018
  • Coordination of the planning and contractation principles as results from the extension of the fuel portfolio