Sales of electricity and gas to retail consumers are performed mainly by Enea SA. In 2016, as compared to 2015, there was a growth in the total volume of electricity and gas sold to retail consumers by 951 GWh, i.e. by 6%. The growth occurred both in the segment of business customers (by 843 GWh, i.e. by 7%) and in the segment of households (108 GWh, i.e. by 2%). The growth in sale volumes in the segment of business customers resulted from a growth in sale volumes of electricity (by 378 GWh, i.e. by 3%) and from the dynamic growth in sales of gas (by 465 GWh, i.e. by 55%). The total volume growth in sales of electricity and gas translated into a growth in total sales revenue by PLN 100 mln, i.e. by 3%, in relation to 2015.