New power unit nr 11

In 2017 Enea Capital Group will commission the most modern power unit in Poland and Europe

Works realised in 2016:

  • Assembly of the boiler house's main structure
  • Assembly of start-up boilers
  • Connecting 110 kV voltage
  • Assembly of the pressure system - water test of the boiler
  • Assembly of electrostatic precipitator's supporting structure
  • Reinforced concrete structure of gypsum store
  • Assembly of stacker-reclaimers
  • Assembly of coal pulvilizers

Works planned in 2017:

  • Connecting 400 kV voltage
  • Start-up of the starting boiler house
  • Rinsing - etching of the boiler
  • First coal feeding to the boiler
  • First steam feeding to the turbine
  • Start-up of the whole power plant
  • Synchronisation with the grid
  • Unit’s commissioning

A new 1075 MWe unit in Kozienice Power Plant

  • The largest in Europe power unit fired with bituminous coal
  • Completely independent unit, possessing its own infrastructure
  • New unit means a 1/3 increase in the Kozienice Power Plant's capacity
  • Unit No. 11 will allow to eliminate deficits of energy on the market
  • High efficiency of energy generation 
  • High availability and low failure rate of the new unit
  • The unit satisfies the conditions of the environmental protection

94% of the progress of the new unit’s construction