Investments implemented in 2016


  • Obtaining new licences:
    • acquisition of the right to use the geological information of "Ostrów" deposit
    • completion of drilling works by research holes of "Ostrów " area
  • Maintaining the machinery and equipment - acquisition and assembly of machinery and equipment, e.g. modernisation of container weighs, roadheading machines, Bevex suspended machines and periodic repairs of cars, purchase of ventilation dams and conveyor belt sets
  • Other development and replacement investments:
    • execution of 23.8 km of new excavations
    • central air conditioning of Bogdanka field - completion of the construction of the installation and all the objects of the central air conditioning of Bogdanka field
    • Extension of the mining waste neutralisation facility in Bogdanka - obtaining the permit and plot purchase
    • Completion of the power grids extension and modernisation of objects of the switching station and 110/6 kV power station - 110/6 kV transformer/switching station in Bogdanka, Stefanów and Nadrybie


  • Successive stages of the construction of a supercritical bituminous coal fired 1,075 MWe power unit
  • 14.1 MW Baczyna wind farm commissioning
  • Unit No. 1 - obtaining the operating permit and commissioning of the installation of the catalytic denitrogenation of flue gases (SCR)
  • Continuation of the SCR installation for units No. 4-8
  • Commencement of the modernisation of cooling water intake - temporary stabilising checkdam on the Vistula River
  • Commencement of the SCR installation and modernisation of electrostatic precipitators for units No. 9 and 10 as part of the 2 x 500 MW units modernisation programme
  • Construction of industrial waste and rainwater treatment
  • Continuation of the construction of flue gas desulphurisation plant on K7 and K8 boilers


  • Completion of the realisation of a range of investments on medium and high voltage related to the extension, automation and modernisation of the unit and power grids
    • construction of: GPZ Śmiłowo (switching station) with HV feeding lines
    • reconstruction of: GPZ Załom, GPZ Tanowska, GPZ Niemierzyn, GPZ Pniewy, GPZ Stargard Wschód and GPZ Chojnice Kościerska,
    • Construction of Łobez – Resko HV overhead line, construction of Świnoujście – Warszów HV cable line and construction of Bema – Nadolnik HV cable line
    • reconstruction of HV overhead lines: Miłosław – Środa, Szamotuły – Wronki, Żnin – Pakość, Stęszew – Kościan, Pniewy – Sieraków, Budziechów – Zakładowa Żary, Kluczewo – Pyrzyce - Barlinek – Mostkowo, Skwierzyna – Międzyrzecz, Jasiniec – Bydgoszcz Wschód
  • Improvement of the connection processes and reduction of the negative impact on the environment of the used power equipment
  • Development of information tools supporting the grid management